We’re sitting here at the Steak ‘n Shake in McKinney, my daughters and I, all giggling because I
convinced them to try eating french fries by sucking them through
a drinking straw. As it turns out, this is possible. Care must be
taken so as not to end up choking on the fries, however.

Things overheard during this mayhem:

“Does this Universe make my butt look big?”

“I love you daddy. You are my daddy, right?”

“I no speakie the same speakie you speakie!”

“I can’t read this. It’s in Hispanic.”

Danielle has 27 sharpie pens in her backpack, each a different color.
She writes each letter with a different pen. “How do you spell
‘ether’?” she asks.

“Did you bring a pretzel sharpener?”

“These aren’t legs! What happened to my legs?”

“I just phoned my plug in!”

“Most people have imaginary friends. I have an imaginary fly!”

(Covering eyes) “See no evil! See no evil! See no evil!”

“I have an invisible floating shirt!”


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