Working at home today!  I’m in transition from one job to another, and from what it looks like, by November I’ll be working in Richardson right next door to UTD.  There’s an irony to this that I won’t go into here.  Makes me feel a bit sad.

Have you ever had to take a single square peg and make it fit into two dozen oddly shaped holes?  That’s a bit like what my current task is.  I’m taking this rather simple but very useful data and having to completely dissect it, and put its component pieces into various boxes so that when the boxes are all viewed together, you see same thing as when the pieces were a simple whole.  The pieces must be meticulously cut into specific shapes, but since there’s not enough of it to be cut into these shapes, I have to add a lot to it via creative duplication.

It’s making my brain twitch!


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  1. Well, I’m sure the job will perfect when it’s done, as I’ve seen your work.
    As for Texas universities, I drove past a huge bonfire tonight, at one of the local high schools, which reminded me of that one university that can no longer have bonfires, ’cause they didn’t know how to properly play with matches.

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