All You Can Eat Chinese Restaurant

As a payday treat I took my daughters out to the local Chinese buffet, which we’ll call “Evil Pandas” simply because the sign up front depicts two animals that look more angry than cute, and the bamboo they’re chewing on could easily be human shin bones, and we had our fill, and now I’m cursing myself for going to a buffet.  A buffet seems like a bargain because you can eat as much as you want.  But it’s not a bargain unless you glut yourself, which I’m inclined to do because of wanting to “get my money’s worth.”

Bad!  Bad!!

I should have taken them to the new Pei Wei instead.  It’s practically across the street, and wouldn’t have cost any more, and I wouldn’t have eaten as much.  So, no more food for me until tomorrow afternoon.

Bad bad bad!

Besides, I don’t think we can go back to the Evil Pandas.  We got in trouble because my kids were putting pepper in the salt shaker.  The waitress snatched both shakers off the table and treated us like naughty school children.


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