I’m working in McKinney this week, tying up loose ends.  All my stuff from my desk is in a box, but the box is still under the desk.  It’s like being in limbo.

Limbo… yes… am getting very familiar with this place, now.  And I’m not talking about the game, but my situation.

I think one of my next stories will take place in Limbo.

It would be very fitting.  It could also be fun, now that the Catholic church has decided to revise their stance on un-baptised babies ending up in Limbo.  Now where do they go?  And what happens to all the ones already in Limbo?  I could write a story about all these babies suddenly getting a “Get Out Of Limbo Free” card.  Suddenly there’s all these babies up in Heaven… who’s going to take care of them?


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  1. hahaha good post… you are right, how can someone change a religious rule all of a sudden. So does this mean, all those unbaptised people who died and gone are going to be in heaven too?…. man.. that will make heaven a very crowded place and who is going to be in hell? Satan will be one lonely one in hell isn’t it?The Signature Of A True Human Is The Smile He/She Brings On The Face Of Others.LonelyPoet.LonelyPoet.Com

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