“Feel The Power”

My friend Mel up on a hill of dirt, and I have a rainbow filter on the camera lens…




Ooo, deep and symbolic, huh?  LOL.


6 thoughts on ““Feel The Power”

  1. Awesome pics!!!
    RYC: In your HEDGE?!  LOL.  I would’ve loved him.  
    And, I thought you said my coffee was “coming right up”?!  It’s still not here! It’ll be cold by the time you get here.  Good thing I also like iced coffee.

  2. Oooooo, pretty . I remember those types of filters being really popular in the early ’70’s, and also seeing that affect in movies (e.g. westerns, “Planet of the Apes”, etc)

  3. those are fantastic photos, they almost look digitally augmented. concerning your comment, i think possessions are important, at least for me, because i don’t have a very good conceptual imagination and i link memories to objects. oftentimes the memory and the object are one and the same to me. besides that, i can be made quite content with nothing more than a game console and a bottle of captain morgan so i think i can afford to be materialistic in that narrow sense.

  4. deep and symbolic? or wonderfully trippy? what sort of camera are you shooting with? (thanks for subscribing, is it ridiculous of me to feel slightly worried now about what i write?)
    album cover art is nowhere near as interesting as it used to be. i used to have hours of fun pulling down mick jaggers fly on my vinyl copy of Sticky Fingers. which sounds wrong, but still! fun!
    are American Pubs as dingy and dark as Irish-Australian ones? (and have i asked enough questions?)

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