It occured to me that I’m neglecting the perfect blog device.  I have a Sony Clie with a great word processor and a built-in camera.  I should be blogging on that through the whole day and then post the results at night.

This is me finally leaving the apartment this afternoon:


My log entry for today:

1:09 pm – Blogging from my PDA. Late start today. Spent most of morning in bed talking on the phone. Jeeze, look at the time! 1/4 of the weekend has already slipped past.

Unfortunately … or, perhaps, fortunately (for you) that’s as far as I got.


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  1. Very pleased to see you’re wearing flip flops and not ‘man’dals. 
    RYC: While I did not get a chance to participate in Air Hockey as I was too enthralled with the hunting game, my daughter made me shine with pride when she beat three boys in a row after they taunted her that she’d lose. 

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