If you’re looking for the woe-is-me self-pity-post I’d left last night, it’s gone.  Here is the picture I included with it, though:


Would you look at the size of that sugar bomb!  Yes, I ate that yesterday.  No, I don’t feel guilty.  But, yes, I need to go through some sort of 12-step program to kick this sugar addiction I have.

I am not going to go through any kind of program to kick my coffee habit, though.  I’m keeping that addiction.  I like it.


8 thoughts on “

  1. WOW! Reminds me of these cookies Kathy and I occasionally get (including some we bought this past weekend) at Whole Foods. Their giant chocolate chip and sugar cookies about that size and height.
    As for coffee, there are much worse addictions. Enjoy that caffeine!

  2. WHAT is that food product?  It looks like something I’d love.  I have sugar running through my veins, I’m sure. 
    RYC: McD’s iced coffee is divine!

  3. I say keep the coffee addiction too! We all need one vice or two. LOL! Thanks for stopping by! I’m subbing to ya!

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