I’m pretty good with computers, but often times they confound me…

So I get to work today, intending on spending the day in the Richardson offices, and the freaking network port on this laptop refused to work.  I know it worked yesterday in McKinney.  So I went to a different outlet and plugged in … and nothing.  Lights are flashing, but the computer says, “Duh, I have no wired network port installed.”

An hour troubleshooting later I give up.  Something, I figure, must have blown it out when I plugged the network cable into the wall this morning.  I’m ready to blame it on a short in the office wiring.

The irony is, the wireless network has no problems, but the silly Big Technology Company I work for does not offer wireless in their office.  My next step before calling it completely dead is to reinstall the drivers but I can’t do that without a network connection … so I drive all the way home, where I have high speed broadband and a wireless network.

At home I start the computer and suddenly the computer says, “Oh!  Look!  I have a network card!”

If it were a co-worker I would have smacked him in the head.

This late in the game, I’m not driving all the way back to Richardson.  I’m working from McKinney for the rest of today.  We’ll try more shenanigans tomorrow.


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  1. My network client troubleshooting experience is a little dated (as I’ve been in marketing now for close to two and half years, and when I was still providing support, it was primarilly for Linux and AIX servers). That said though, what I was wondering was, “When does a WindowsXP port become active?” At link status acquisition, at traffic detection, at address receipt? My point being (and, really, I’m probably not making any relevent point, and probably shouldn’t even be commenting without additional details) that there are a number of Layer 2 issues on the network side that could cause such a symptom (as you know… Again, not sure why I’m even typing this… I guess I just felt the need to type… La, la, la, I’m a typing fool, la, la, la, la……..).
    Okay, now I’ll go back to writing the sales and marketing tripe I get paid to write (the things we do for money).

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