New Microsoft IE7 will be pushed down to everyone with Windows XP, who have their updates set to automatically install. The good news is that the new version of Internet Explorer is really nice, with tabbed browsing and lots of handy features. The bad news is that, from my own experience today, the software is full of bugs and has at least one security vulnerability.

It’s crashed four times on me in the last hour. The beta versions were more stable than this! And they’re pushing it down to unsuspecting computer users like Grandma and Grandpa?

Does Microsoft own stock in the Geek Squad? Because the squad phones will be ringing off the hook during the next month…


2 thoughts on “

  1. I like the Geek Squad’s cool Volkswagen’s!
    As for Grandma and Grandpa, if they have blind faith in Redmond, maybe they’re gettin’ what they deserve? (Sorry, Grandma and Grandpa!)

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