Hot Rod Alert!

This car was parked outside my new office today.


I want one of these and a Harley Davidson.

Rock on.


8 thoughts on “Hot Rod Alert!

  1. That… is awesome.RYC: No, not existential philosophy… It’s Contemporary Moral Issues, but we’ve been doing basic philo review since classes started. I understand things, but it doesn’t sink in or ‘click’ as well for me as psych stuff does. (This is why I’m a psych major!) I have to take a philo class for an education requirement though… So I just care about passing. Looks like so far, so good.

  2. Ooooh, pretty . . .
    There’s one week during the year where I get the chance to see a whole bunch of cars like this.  Louisville hosts a national street rod show, and for one week during the summer, you see cars like this one all over town.

  3. Remember making the “Red Barron”  hot rod from the model kits we had as kids?  All this car needs is a fabricated “top” to look like one of those German WWI helmets with the spike on top and you got yourself a “Red Barron” hot rod.
    By the way, I am convinced I am the way I am  partly due to the toxic fumes emanating from the Testors Model Glue I used to put those models together.

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