Funny thing heard yesterday:  “There is no H in SIT.” 

Also, yesterday, my older daughter [who just turned 20] was chatting on IMVU and this much older guy came on and started getting pervy.  Of course he had no idea her dad was standing right there staring at the screen.

“Ew,” she said, “and he’s, like, thirty-one.”

“Tell him you’re twelve.”

She laughed.  “Okay!” she said.  Type type type…

The guy was gone within seconds.

Some good news… our fellow Xangian Missugs is making progress in her recovery.  Tubes are out and she’s breathing on her own.  She still has a lot of challenges ahead of her, but let’s all pray that she makes a speedy recovery and is back to being that happy girl she was a mere few days ago… 


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  1. I’m glad Missugs is doing better.
    Good thing your 20 year old daughter doesn’t like 31 year olds. I’m a 21 year old (currently, probably not much longer) dating a 29 year old. I can promise you, the boys our age are much more mature. At least, in this case.
    In fact…. I don’t even know if I should even call it dating. I never see him. He never calls me… and I never hear from him… and well, huh. Go figure. I guess I already am single. …. I’d make my bitter face if I knew how.

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