This is interesting.  Our fellow Xangian MaryEliz has done some investigating on the accident and hospitalization of fellow Xangian Missugs (aka “Terri”) and has turned up zilch on any evidence what-so-ever that any of it ever happened.  If MaryEliz is right, and my gut feeling is that she is, this stirs up a lot of negative feelings in me — I had been praying hard for Terri, and praising the character “Gil” for being such a prince of a guy.

Terri, if you did indeed make this stuff up, stop now and confess, and ask for forgiveness, and explain why you felt you needed to do this.  If you need attention, just ask.  There are lots of kind souls on Xanga who are more than willing to talk to you, to care about you, and to help you through a bad time.  But the jig is up, girl.  Better come clean — or delete your account and disappear.

Something in the back of my mind did make me wonder if I was being suckered, but I didn’t want to believe it.  Still don’t, really, but…  no.  MaryEliz is right.  It doesn’t add up.


7 thoughts on “Fake-a-rino?

  1. I think she is participating in NaNoWriMo and plans to write a novel about being in a car accident and her friend’s reaction to it. She mentions participating on October 12th and October 17th If you search for authors in the NaNoWriMo website from Danville, her nick comes up. 

  2. Hmmm…drama.  I’ve read her site and MaryEliz’s site.  I can’t give an opinion because I don’t know her and never read her blog before, but it certainly seems fishy that it didn’t end up in the paper.  Crazy stuff on this Xanga, I tell ya!

  3. OMG..I hope this is not the case. I did pray for her and left encouraging messages.What a fool would I be if I fell for this crap.Thanks for sharing this.

  4. came via kk’s site,, i sure do hope that is not the case,, cndfrnd as well is friends with her,, that would be very sad,, but there was a girl in switzerland last year who made up her own suicide,, had a person calling 911 and all sorts of stuff,, and then i had a friend, well i thought,, revelations from the heart,, and she had been going thru some stuff, and then she just disappeared,, then i found her on myspace,, as soon as i told the christian group that she belonged to,, she shut both of them down,,, all people need to do is say if they are needing attention,, dont be afraid to speak your mind,, i know i do,, makes people mad sometimes,,but oh well,, your thoughts belong to you and no one else,, i sure do hope it is wrong tho,, take care and besafe

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