Close Encounter of the Ghostly Kind…

The following is something written right after it happened.  I was sitting in the dining room in a house I could swear was haunted, late at night, just me and my Golden Retriever…

11:35 PM, April 18, 2002 – I’m sitting here in the living room, revising a manuscript, and Sunny starts barking at something unseen in the hallway.  She’s scared, I can tell by the way she’s barking, and then she runs to hide behind me, and turns to growl.  I can see nothing.  So I get up and head to the short hallway leading to the front door and Sunny is right there with me, and she’s barking at something.  I look to see where she’s looking, and her eyes are fixed at a point in the middle of the hallway – as if there’s someone standing right there, beside me!  I move to the other side, and she follows and turns and growls at the same place, but facing it from the other side.  So I do the bold, scientific thing:  I step into the area at which she’s growling.

Whoa!  MAJOR COLD SPOT!  Chills go right down my spine and the hairs at the back of my neck are sticking straight up.  I mean, within seconds I’m shivering!  As I stand there it begins warming up and dissipating, and Sunny calms down.

I wish this actually proved something.  For all I really know, she was barking at a mosquito. 

I’ve got a few more of these, as I’m putting together a book about ghosts and hauntings.  I’ll post a few more of them over the next few days to help crank up the Halloween spirit…


9 thoughts on “Close Encounter of the Ghostly Kind…

  1. Wow, cool story. Yep, you are right…the graphic does say to set the clocks ahead. Silly me. I put it on there in a hurry w/o really paying much attention. Yikes. Thanks for stopping by. Come visit anytime!!

  2. Those are freaky incidents… I know someone else who has an angry “ghost” in his house.  I haven’t heard anything from him recently about it, but she was doing some pretty odd things around his place.  Kind of more frightening when you have kids and they’re affected by it.

  3. I’ve always wanted to meet a ghost.  Of course, I can bravely say that because I’ve never actually met one.  Still, think of the questions it could answer!

  4. Hey, did my mom ever tell you about the ghost in the house we had before moving to Stockton?  The house was built on an Indian Graveyard!  And no, I am not making this up.

  5. People cannot say there isn’t something in another dimension we can’t see. It doesn’t have to be ghosts (which is more explainable than it being something else). But seriously, sometimes there are just too strange occurences for people just to knock it off the shelf and say the other person is crazy.

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