Kinda Wet and Warm for an Ice Storm…

They’ve been bracing north Texas for this ice storm for three days now, and my younger daughter’s bus driver even told her not to expect to go to school today.  So when I got up this morning and checked the weather, most of everything was open, and I went outside to see how bad the ice was on the steps (because they can be deadly when they’re iced over) the air was not that cold and there was not a sign of ice anywhere.

My daughter was not happy about that.  I had to placate her with a McDonald’s breakfast. 

So today is the last day of the National Novel Writing Month, and if I work diligently I may actually make half the word count.  Oh well.

It’s not like I’m going to stop writing it.  Not when its getting more and more fun to write!

So happy end of November to everyone!  Christmas is definitely on it’s way and this is the first time in years that I’ve felt any Christmas spirit.  I think we’ll get some lights for the veranda tonight.

Oh!  Look!  A picture of clouds!

I took this almost exactly a year ago.  I always thought it looked like a set of lips…

Working diligently on my novel tonight.  Making slow but steady progress.  If I can crack 24,000 words before bedtime I’ll be a happy camper.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my pictures. 


Another Beautiful Day

It’s another beautiful day.  High of 70, low tonight of 60.  It’s like being in Hawaii.  All my windows are open and they’ll remain that way.

I wandered around this afternoon with my iPod on, taking pictures.  I’ll upload some later, but right now I’ve got to get the kiddos ready because we’re going to go out and see Happy Feet.  Heard a lot of good things about it … gee, most of it here on Xanga.  I’d like to go see the new Bond movie but the kids aren’t into it.  I also want to see Borat, but that looks like a video rental.

Later dudes and dudettes!


A Blog About Weather? How Boring!

And yet, I just have to say, this weather is freaking wonderful.  Mid 70’s in late November, dressed in tee-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops!  Ahh, yes!  Windows open, nice breeze blowing, relaxing with the wind chimes making music on the veranda.

This is when I love living in McKinney, Texas.

I’m putting in some work on my novel, still pleased at its direction, and have discovered some cool music for my iPod.  If you’re into psychedelic, then anything from the group Shpongle makes great music to write to.

Until later, dudes and dudettes…


Black Friday Nap

So we get home from the Black Friday madness, and what happens?  Everyone takes the Black Friday nap!  I only meant to sleep until 2pm but didn’t wake up until 4:30p with my phone going nuts.  Sorry.    Missed your calls.  Sadness.

At the very least I was able to get something in the mail, as our mail carrier just happened  to be here by the time I made out out with my package.

Now I feel like some sort of zombie.

Hello From The Mall at 6am!

I’m blogging directly from Starbucks this morning (but using a neighboring store’s free WiFi, heh heh).  The girls and I are at the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, Texas, and it’s 6am.  This is nuts.  The girls are participating in the shopping frenzy and I’m tucked away in a cozy corner with my laptop and intend on putting some more words in my novel.

Be careful my shopping Xanga friends!  It’s dog-eat-dog out here!

Giving Thanks

I give thanks for my two wonderful daughters, who are with me and keep my
life full of love and joy, and make it fun to be a single father.

I give thanks that I have a great love in my life, who never ceases to make
my heart race and who’s mere touch makes me dizzy.  I love you TC.

I give thanks that I have outstanding friends, both old and new, without whom
life would not be complete.

I give thanks that I am still employed even though all indicators had pointed
to me being without employment by this time.  The Very Big Computer Corporation has
not let me down, at least as far as a paycheck goes.  Now, if I can just make it to the end of the year, all will be well.

I give thanks that I am writing fiction again, though without the delusions
of grandeur that I once held for the craft.  If you’re going to make bubbles in
a sea of foam, at least try to make them colorful.  That’s all I’m hoping

I give thanks that I wake up breathing and with a pulse.  Ultimately that’s
what we all have to be thankful for.  Life is an adventure.  Life is here to
enjoy.  In that I have not failed.

Life is good.

Thank you!