The kids got dressed up, the older one a witch and the younger one her familiar (complete with kitty ears and a bell around her neck).  They opted not to go trick-or-treating, but instead asked me to take them out to eat.

Eating out is fun on Halloween.  My younger one talked another restaurant patron out of a ball of yarn and started batting it around as if she were a real cat.  They both liked flirting with the waiter so much that they wanted Dad to go somewhere else and leave them at the table.

We came home and right after midnight, I started my new novel.  Got a whopping 202 words done.    Now it’s time for bed.

Doesn’t this picture look like some sort of floating eyeball?  It’s actually my drinking straw.  You’re looking down into it.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


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  1. That really does look like an eye. It’s neat what your imagination can come up with when it you don’t see the entire picture.
    Once, when a group of friends and I were hiking after dark we thought we saw cloaked figures holding candles up a head. As we neared this strange mass of black figures we realized that in fact, the cloacked figures were cows and the candles were the light (what light I don’t know) reflecting from their eyes. And at first we all saw the same thing… the cloaked figures. So strange. I love it.
    The picture is neat. And I’m glad you had fun last night with your daughters.

  2. I hab a cold (cough)… And had to spend over four hours at a dress rehearsal that reinforced my utter lack of appreciation for twelve tone music. But I guess the kiddies that came out had fun and enjoyed our decorations (I added a miniture cemetary in a planter at the base of the steps, with mini tombstones and a battery powered/motion sensitive coffin with a scary guy who popped up). The daughter went trick-or-treating w/a friend, dressed as a flapper.
    Happy halloween to you, too!

  3. RYN:  No, I think you might have misunderstood the situation.  The IT person has every right to monitor IM conversations.  HOWEVER, he has NO right to show them to other non-IT people in the office.  And the people to whom he is showing them have NO right to go around talking about them and complaining about what they read.

  4. I’m glad you told us what it really is, because I thought it was a fish eye.
    Smart kids!  Why waste energy going door to door when you can have a waiter bring food right to you?
    Good luck with that NaNo thing.  You’re braver than I am.

  5. I’m kinda seeing eye to eye with your picture.  Good luck on the novel.
    Remember when we rigged your house up on Halloween many years ago, and then threw the severed arm in the road? ….Great memories.

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