Warm Rainy Evening

Nice warm, rainy afternoon/evening.  Spent some time out on the veranda writing on my novel, and have now moved inside but have all the windows open.  I love rainy nights.  It’s so soothing.

Novel is coming along well.  I’m happy with the story and the details and the way it’s shaping up.  So far it’s a mixture of purgatory, Rasputin, references to the Holy Grail, surrealism, and… beer.

Any NaNoWriMo’s who want a writing buddy, my handle on the site is jjdavis.

Now, for you amusement, I present a picture of myself naked:

Happy writing!  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.


9 thoughts on “Warm Rainy Evening

  1. Any novel that features BEER has got something going for it, IMHO. As for the pic, that’s practically ‘child pornography’!

  2. RYC: It was all fun and games until I got home and bashed my elbow open. LOL Wasn’t serious though–of course my boyfriend didn’t think so at the time. Let me re-inact the moment for you:
    Me: *crash* *hysterical laughter* *bleeding*
    Boyfriend: Oh shit! *frantic running around looking for bandages*
    Ps. That is the funniest baby picture ever.

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