Writing a novel is cutting into my Xanga reading time.  Hmm…  Not sure if I like that.  One must have their priorities!

Stepping into the Wayback Machine, this is my very first “artsy” photo.  I scanned and digitally enhanced it, and am not sure if it really improved it or not.



Which one is better?


12 thoughts on “

  1. They each have a different feel, but I like the first one better – it feels more realistic and unretouched (although the second one looks like the sky might be a more accurate color)

  2. A praying atheist would be surreal and an oxymoron. If there are “spiritual” people who are not really spiritual, then there might be the exact opposite.

    About the pictures, somehow I can’t see the first one.

  3. I guess the PhotoShop’d one. You and my wife are the ‘artsy-fartsy’ ones, though, when it comes to pics.

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