Yesterday I received two packages in the mail for my birthday.  I can’t open them until Sunday.  Thank you TC and Tim!  Mwah mwah!  Much love back at you…

Made no progress on the novel yesterday.  I was feeling under the weather and went to sleep instead of writing.

This morning I am … sick.  Bleech.

Let’s see… what fun picture can I put up here before I go back to bed?  Hmm…  Ah, yes.  This one…

Sword Lake, California.  Man that was a fun hike.

10 thoughts on “

  1. The location in the pic looks beautiful. I don’t know why, but I was reminded of those Australian skinner dippers you and I came across that one time, up above Bear Valley, I think

  2. Hey waz up glee guess what? I THINK LIZARDS ROCK YOUR SOCKS
                        love always
                                   The Girl Next Door

  3. That indeed was a great hike.  I wonder if the place is as “pristine” as the pictures?  It was on Park Property.  I want to go back and check it out.

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