Right now I really don’t want to go rambling on about my progress on my novel or anything like that.  It’s just so trivial.  Other things are happening in this life, happening to those who I love, things that are too personal to mention but too important to ignore.

This year is one of amazing highs and devastating lows.  We heal.  Thank God we heal.  We are laughing one minute, then sobbing the next, and are deep in pain, but we heal.

Thank God we heal.

Thank you to Tim and TC for the gifts.

I love you, all of you.  Free hugs here.


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  1. Free hugs back at ‘ya. That video was a wonderful reminder of something the entire planet really needs more of.

  2. I wanted to thank you on the comment.  I’m doing better now…I go through my highs and lows as well.  The highs are more frequent [thank God] than the lows, now…and I’m super-glad for that.
    Anyway, I believe it probably is a slight form of co-dependency.  I’m a lot better than I think I am sometimes, and usually I write about my low-points because that’s the time I need to vent.  But the comments are always helpful, so I wanted to thank you.
    So thanks!  I hope everything is going well!

  3. I understand the highs and lows thing.  That has been the story of college for me.  Some of the best and worse times of my life (admittedly relatively short to date) so far.

  4. The devastating lows create the amazing highs. It’s the balance of the universe. Hope the healing is quick and the amazing highs come to dominate your life. In other words, good luck to you. I’ve had some devastating lows myself in the last year and they are finally beginning to fade behind a curtain of good fortune. 
    For some reason, that was difficult to write. I’m too tired and too full of caffine today.

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