And then we went to visit Mark Twain…

Out and about this weekend, the kids and I visited the Mark Twain shrine in Florida, Missouri…

The cabin where Samuel Clemens was born sits inside this building.

One of Mark Twain’s typewriters!

Tom Sawyer in Twain’s own handwriting.

One of Twain’s writing desks.

All in all a very spiritual place for me to visit.  Thanks go out to Craig for being our tour guide!


13 thoughts on “And then we went to visit Mark Twain…

  1. Isn’t it amazing how things have changed over the years. . . that someone’s house could be enveloped by another building … we are so spoiled and half the time don’t even notice it.  What a great desk!!  Thanks for sharing the photos. I can definitely see how seeing all that would be an awe-inspiring event.

  2. Very cool.
    ryc: I did finish it off which wasn’t hard as there wasn’t much left, although unfortunately all my friends were busy so other then a couple of brief conversations I didn’t really get to hang out with them.

  3. Very cool! You reminded me of when Kathy and I visited Hemingway’s birthplace/boyhood home in Oak Park, Illinois.

  4. I’d love for it to be a trend!  I love playing pool!  My boyfriend is attempting to teach me how to be good at it.  I just got lucky shots and the fact that there was an old drunk man at the bar trying to mess my boyfriend up didn’t help him much, I don’t think.
    Oh well!  Someday I’ll be great at it and I’ll be happy, haha.
    I’ve never been there.  Mark Twain has always been a favorite writer of mine as well.  Kudos for going to the shrine!  Lucky duck.


  5. His quaint cabin got eaten by a large modern building. That makes me laugh. I bet that would make Clemens laugh too. Well, he might chuckle, take a drag of his cigar, and then write about how that’s the way things are these days.

  6. I thought so too, but this historical piece of entry is amazing. They don’t make those wonderful antiques nowadays. Well of course.

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