Happy Belated Birthday to Me…

Well I did it, I finally bought myself an iPod…

…isn’t it cute?

12 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday to Me…

  1. I’ve been using iTunes as my music player for about two years now… it’s about time I got an iPod to go with it. This little thing is so tiny, but it’s a clip, and it clips on your lapel or between buttons. The sound is awesome, it blows my Sony Clie right out of the water.It doesn’t take over my computer, at least, not as much as Frostwire does.

  2. That is because you were already using iTunes.  When I loaded iTunes it trashed every other media player on my system.  I finally got the Windows Media player working again, but never did get Real Player running, even when I load it from scratch I can’t get it to work.

  3. hey thanks for the comments and i thought i’d let you know that you can email me if you like
                       love always,
                                The Girl Next Door

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