Giving Thanks

I give thanks for my two wonderful daughters, who are with me and keep my
life full of love and joy, and make it fun to be a single father.

I give thanks that I have a great love in my life, who never ceases to make
my heart race and who’s mere touch makes me dizzy.  I love you TC.

I give thanks that I have outstanding friends, both old and new, without whom
life would not be complete.

I give thanks that I am still employed even though all indicators had pointed
to me being without employment by this time.  The Very Big Computer Corporation has
not let me down, at least as far as a paycheck goes.  Now, if I can just make it to the end of the year, all will be well.

I give thanks that I am writing fiction again, though without the delusions
of grandeur that I once held for the craft.  If you’re going to make bubbles in
a sea of foam, at least try to make them colorful.  That’s all I’m hoping

I give thanks that I wake up breathing and with a pulse.  Ultimately that’s
what we all have to be thankful for.  Life is an adventure.  Life is here to
enjoy.  In that I have not failed.

Life is good.

Thank you!


7 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Back at ‘ya. man. Our simularities are probably why we’ve remained friends all these years, as I also enjoy “making bubbles in a sea of foam”. Of course, I do it in the bathtub (bloop, BLOOP, BLOOP !)

  2. There are many things that I too give thanks for.  My beautiful and wonderful children.  My friends, my health, and above all for having found the one true love in my life, that one special someone.  My Bear!

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