Hello From The Mall at 6am!

I’m blogging directly from Starbucks this morning (but using a neighboring store’s free WiFi, heh heh).  The girls and I are at the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, Texas, and it’s 6am.  This is nuts.  The girls are participating in the shopping frenzy and I’m tucked away in a cozy corner with my laptop and intend on putting some more words in my novel.

Be careful my shopping Xanga friends!  It’s dog-eat-dog out here!


7 thoughts on “Hello From The Mall at 6am!

  1. Lol.  You and black Friday!  The middle daughter wanted to go out and participate this morning (at midnight to be precise) and after too much wine and a dose of codine…. the answer was a resounding NO!  Still – this probably explains why I have not had a response from you.  The bear is hibernating!

  2. After working retail for a few years, I can’t be dragged out of the house on Black Friday. I did a little shopping on-line yesterday and other than passing the mall on the way to a friend’s house for dinner, I didn’t go hear one.Good for you for finding a way to let your daughters do their shopping while you did your writing!

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