A Blog About Weather? How Boring!

And yet, I just have to say, this weather is freaking wonderful.  Mid 70’s in late November, dressed in tee-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops!  Ahh, yes!  Windows open, nice breeze blowing, relaxing with the wind chimes making music on the veranda.

This is when I love living in McKinney, Texas.

I’m putting in some work on my novel, still pleased at its direction, and have discovered some cool music for my iPod.  If you’re into psychedelic, then anything from the group Shpongle makes great music to write to.

Until later, dudes and dudettes…



6 thoughts on “A Blog About Weather? How Boring!

  1. Yup, same hear. It was actually a colder Thanksgiving in Stockton than here in Chicagoland, and we took video of Katie sitting on the lawn in the sun, in shorts, after riding her bike.

  2. Hey WG my paitence acutally paid off last night. When him and I were talkin and i said i was tired and that i was going to bed he said to me”I love you” and at first i didnt know how to take it but i said i love you too and he sent me a smiley face with this huge smile. so i think he finally took the hint and things are kicking off to a good start. thanx for the advice!!!!!
                  love always,
                           The Girl Next Door

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