Moody and Mediocre

Not much inspiration in my little photo shoot today.  I need some people to take pictures of, instead of things.  But anyway…

Between Two Worlds

Stonehenge 2006

Two Worlds Superimposed

Tiny Urinals?

Brick Mouth (eating spaghetti)


11 thoughts on “Moody and Mediocre

  1. Hi there. I’m too, too busy here, but I thought I’d take a run aroud Xanga.
    You have a sense of humour that made me immediately check that you aren’t posting from Britain, where they have no shortage of comedians
    I love your “Two Worlds”

  2. I loved those pics, and the synergy between the captions and pics was positively BRILLIANT ! Truly classic JJDavis!

  3. I really like these!RYC: I’ve never heard of Zinc lozenges… I hope you can get those at a regular store? I won’t be out for groceries again until the end of the week maybe, but I’ll make note to look for those.. Hmm.

  4. I was just going to post that I enjoyed your comment and that being dead in a ditch would indeed suck, but I have to say that I love your photos. I myself do a lot of photography in my spare time, but I really adore yours. It is a specific way of looking at things, a new perspective. I really like these.

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