Kinda Wet and Warm for an Ice Storm…

They’ve been bracing north Texas for this ice storm for three days now, and my younger daughter’s bus driver even told her not to expect to go to school today.  So when I got up this morning and checked the weather, most of everything was open, and I went outside to see how bad the ice was on the steps (because they can be deadly when they’re iced over) the air was not that cold and there was not a sign of ice anywhere.

My daughter was not happy about that.  I had to placate her with a McDonald’s breakfast. 

So today is the last day of the National Novel Writing Month, and if I work diligently I may actually make half the word count.  Oh well.

It’s not like I’m going to stop writing it.  Not when its getting more and more fun to write!

So happy end of November to everyone!  Christmas is definitely on it’s way and this is the first time in years that I’ve felt any Christmas spirit.  I think we’ll get some lights for the veranda tonight.

Oh!  Look!  A picture of clouds!

I took this almost exactly a year ago.  I always thought it looked like a set of lips…


8 thoughts on “Kinda Wet and Warm for an Ice Storm…

  1. Yeah, we got the doom and gloom forecast for the same storm up here.  The storm extends from Amarillo TX all the way up to the Great Lakes.  But you are right, the ice is the stuff to worry about.  Glad you are feeling in good spirits.  BTW talked to Capt. Lead last night.  He seems to be doing ok.

  2. SMOOCH!
    To quote one of my favorite movies, “‘E saaid a storm ‘ees coming”… “I know”. We’re bracing for it as well. The National Weather Service is saying we might get as much as a foot of snow (my poor old back is aching already, in anticipation (wince)).

  3. ryc: You are so right. Life is about adjustments. I have learned that quite well over the last five months. So many things have changed. At least I’m adjusting into a happier phase of my life.  

  4. Yeah, my mom has been calling me all morning with gloom and doom reports.  She was raised in Indiana.  You’d think she wouldn’t be afraid of a little snow and ice. Great picture and a “happy end of November” to you too!

  5. hey WG im so excited i cant believe i made it though i had some problems with my ex he got on my s/n and tried to ruin my new relationship i was ticked and then all that finally settled and lord only knows how long him and i talked on the phone

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