Live From Dunn Bros. Coffee in Frisco

Bill (aka Twiddle38) and I are sitting here at this Internet cafe drinking our java and talking about Write Club. But you know, the first rule about Write Club is you don’t talk about Write Club. The second rule is yadda yadda yadda…

What we are doing (what I can talk about ) is that when you get two like-minded SF writers together, you start getting shared world ideas … and have we come up with a beauty. He’s taking notes on it right now.

Me? I’m playing with the WiFi on this PDA.

Goodbye Sony Clie

Since I don’t need two PDA’s, and since my new one is so awesome, I put the old one up on eBay.  It served me well and is still in good shape.  May it serve someone else equally as well.  The Sony Clies are wonderful and it’s sad they stopped making them.

Today I took the kids out to spend their Christmas money.  It was all in the form of Target gift cards, and we have a big new Target superstore right here in town.  The kids bought clothes, clothes, and more clothes.  The younger one also bought a couple video games, which is why I had to close the door and take aspirin — darn those things are loud, and violent.

While at Target, I sat in the coffee shop and wrote most of an article using my new PDA, whilst also using said PDA as an MP3 player.

Way cool. 

A big thank you to Tim for the Christmas Frog!  Thanks from myself and the kids, also, to LadySavina for the box of presents.  We all loved our mugs, coffees, teas, and chocolates! 

Merry Christmas to Me

Well, the Very Big Computer Corporation may be laying me off soon, but at the very least they provided me with a Christmas gift.

This is a HP iPaq HX2495b running Windows Mobile 5.0 and I like it.

Text recognition on the thing is amazing, much better than even my Sony Clie, and it has 256 MB of RAM, takes SD cards (I already have a 1 gig one in the slot, half filled with music), a 500-something Mhz processor, yadda yadda yadda.  Built in WiFi and Bluetooth, yadda yadda. Surf the internet wirelessly, listen to music, record voice notes at the touch of a button, yadda.

If it only had a built-in camera, it would be the total shiznats.

Because this thing has a built-in MP3 player, I took my iPod back and used the money for more presents for the kids.

If I end up unemployed, this thing goes on eBay.    If not, it’s my portable blogging machine!

Merry material Christmas, everyone!

Winding down to year’s end…

I just received an unofficial (but well-informed) warning earlier this week that I need to start seriously looking for a new position, either within The Very Large Computer Corporation or elsewhere.  I have the inside track on a choice position with my old employer, but nothing is for certain.  I must pretend that it doesn’t exist and continue on.

Oddly enough, I’m not worried at all.

In the meantime, I came across another photo I took of Atomic Annie.  I think I also took a picture of the whole thing, but I didn’t scan it, and all those photos are in a box in a garage out in California now.

I think it was in the movie “Atomic Cafe” that you can actually see the test firing … and then they marched troops right through the blast zone with the cloud still towering above them.