This is so funny!


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  1. That was AWESOME! I am taking a little break from sculpting and I needed a good laugh…so that I remember not to take life so seriously. I have lights hanging in my kitchen of chicks wearing bowties coming out of their eggs…to remind me of this everyday. Thank you for your comments on my blog and for this You Tube post…just what I needed…I laughed my butt off.

  2. Awesome video! You tube is very addictive. Last weekend I discovered a user who has posted all 16 hours of the hard-to-find Anne of Green Gables miniseries in 10 minute increments. Bless that person, whoever she may be.

  3. I prefer the potato chips and pizza, lol.  It was a VERY bad day.  I was pissy…and things just weren’t working out the way they were supposed to.  Haha.  Ugh, and today isn’t going so fine either, but hopefully it gets better after school lets out!

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