Oh, to be a bird!  A flick of the feathers, a pump of the wings, and the Earth drops away.  To surf the currents of air, to dive and swoop and soar!  To land on food and carry it off into the sky, and not have to leave a tip.  To take a vacation down south every winter without having to worry about time off requests.  A tree is your bed, and the great wide open is your home.

Oh, to be a bird.


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  1. Have you ever read “He Who Hath Wings”, by Edmond Hamilton, Leigh Bracket’s husband? It’s been many years, but I found it to be a poignient story, as I also found this blog to be.

  2. And just think, if you were a bird you wouldn’t have to pay a single toll! Watch though, if I plead to become a bird in the next life, somehow Bush’s descendant will suddenly create an interstate air toll bringing to an end the practical and economical benefits associated with being a bird. I’ll express my dissatisfaction with the world by rallying up my daily food earnings and dropping it on to his descendant’s head from high above…kudos to being a bird! Lol. Nice entry. :o)

  3. As long as the tree is warm, too!!  LOL.  I can’t believe it… your post made me think of Psalm 55:6… LOL (Okay, here’s something highly unusual:  Me: quoting Bible verses! I made a tshirt out of that one, though.) “Oh that I had wings like a Dove!  For then I would fly away and be at rest”  Yeah… I can relate!
    ryc: you mean I’m not the only one who thinks like that?  LOL.  

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