This falls into the…

…too good to pass up category:  National Geographic recently published an article about great tits in cities across Europe.

Yes, you read that right.  Great tits in Europe.

Well, you know, National Geographic was always about great tits.  Even before Playboy came along. 


12 thoughts on “This falls into the…

  1. IRC: See, I’m young enough to take toaster waffles for granted… I think when I was very young we had a waffle iron, but mom thought it was too much hassle and we got rid of it soon enough. However, I DO remember when we got our first toaster and microwave… Before that we had a regular toaster oven. *grin*Thanks for the prayers, too.[C]

  2. lol that’s funny.
    RYC: Well, calling it a dining “review” is being generous. The restaurant is one of our advertisers, they receive the editorial as a “value added” bonus to their ad. So, I have to say good things–even if I don’t want to.

  3. Besides the fact that Timberly has to come to the libary for the time-being to use the Internet, yeah.  Things are much better, lol.  I’m happy [besides it being finals week] and my outlook is much better.

    But I still want a damn cigarette.  Sucky!

  4. As I read the headline I thought to myself, “what is National Geographic coming to?” I see now, hehe. Great tits are beautiful! Gotta luv em lol.

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