Winding down to year’s end…

I just received an unofficial (but well-informed) warning earlier this week that I need to start seriously looking for a new position, either within The Very Large Computer Corporation or elsewhere.  I have the inside track on a choice position with my old employer, but nothing is for certain.  I must pretend that it doesn’t exist and continue on.

Oddly enough, I’m not worried at all.

In the meantime, I came across another photo I took of Atomic Annie.  I think I also took a picture of the whole thing, but I didn’t scan it, and all those photos are in a box in a garage out in California now.

I think it was in the movie “Atomic Cafe” that you can actually see the test firing … and then they marched troops right through the blast zone with the cloud still towering above them.

11 thoughts on “Winding down to year’s end…

  1. That’s a hard way to learn the effects of radiation.  *sigh*
    RYC:  Yep, I’ll be off all next week.  Wanna meet for coffee, or lunch or go see a movie?

  2. I wish you well my new friend on the Job-front. You are well not to worry…I have never known it to assist me in accomplishing not one thing in my life; but  folloing my heart balanced with  logic and solid reasoning…Yes.
    What a wonderfuly powerful  statement ” Atomic Annie with the innocence of those children”…makes with the backdrop of the lush green park. hmm

  3. I think that’s one of the problems with people these days, not enough intentional irradiation. Though, with the number of questionably secured warheads on this planet, I have faith that problem will soon be rectified.

  4. Hey, as long as you’re not worried, and you have a headstart in terms of figuring out what you want to do…sounds good. I mean, it’s the conclusion of a period of uncertainty in terms of what they were going to do to you, right? Now might be uncertain in a different way, but at least it’s a change…

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