CoBoComp Art House?

At some point in the future I want to own my own business.

I want to run a combination used book store, coffee house, and computer repair depot.  With free WiFi.  It would be a combination of all my interests in one place.

Oh, and I would also sell paintings and photography right from the walls.

Do you think something like that would work?


16 thoughts on “CoBoComp Art House?

  1. Ok, you’ve just described my dream coffee shop.  There’s a little local coffee shop that’s also a used book store near my house – the only thing is the coffee beans they use kind of sucks!  But anyway, the idea sounds stellar, though it also sounds like you’ll be damn busy when you get it going!

  2. This comes from the land of awesome ideas!  But how many awesome business ideas fail?  You would need to do some extensive homework and come up with a very good business plan.  David owned a Pub in Australia that was packed every day, but it folded becuause he couldn’t meet the overhead.

  3. So I can’t spell as good as the average Bear. So what ?  Most of the world deosn’t give a damn!                                               

  4. You’ve also just described our business (e.g. the business you and I talked about opening, close to twenty years ago), and I still have stack of business cards to prove it (I’m not saying the name here because I’m protecting it, and I’m sure you remember it anyway)

  5. Yes!  It sounds great!  I’ve wished that a place like that existed where I live, one that was open 24 hours per day.  Have you thought of a name for this business?   If I had a shop with coffee and books and computers and art available 24/7, I’d call it “Insomnia Cafe.”  

  6. There is a coffee house around here which sells artwork, etc. right of the walls and has the free WiFi.  It has done well just off of those.  Add in the rest and you probably could be successful.

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