iPhone Buzz Overload

I think Apple just made history … there hasn’t been this much buzz about a telephone since the telephone was invented.

This comic just about sums it up:




8 thoughts on “iPhone Buzz Overload

  1. haha. One of the proofers in my office dates a graphic designer and her gf calls her this morning to tell her about the iphone. Her girlfriend was screaming like she won the lottery. I sent her your comic. lol

  2. My husband is a super-super-geek and the first thing he asked me when I got home was if he needed to buy me one of those phones. I laughed. My cell phone is just that – no camera, no tunes, just a phone.The comic is hysterical. It reminds me of the uber-geeks in my husband’s office. I know at least two of them have pre-ordered those phones. They all live on the bleeding edge of technology.

  3. Yet another attention draining device.  Oy! Don’t know if I told you, but my work gave me a Blackberry.  My wife calls it the Butt Hummer.  I call it a necessary ball and chain.

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