On Second Thought, Never Mind…

I was able to get Windows Vista to work with everything on my laptop except for the memory card reader. It seems no one has gotten around to writing even beta drivers for it. With time and patience one would slow up, no doubt, but it tipped my mental scales back in the other direction and I backed Vista off the machine. I love the new operating system but it took my nice fast XP machine and turned it into a moderately slow and slightly crippled machine.

No thanks.

Office 2007 on the other hand … it rocks!


7 thoughts on “On Second Thought, Never Mind…

  1. I’ll be waiting for the first service pack before I install Vista on any of my equipment (I have have issues with Microsoft). However, that the new Office sounds good makes me want to try it (I hate Office 2003 and the fact that it thinks it knows what I want to do and decides to try to do it without asking…).

  2. Man, I hate it when you get a great new product and then realize that the machine that it applies to isn’t quite up to snuff. It’s like buying one of those computer games that you think is going to be awesome until you realize that your five year old computer doesn’t have the right video card or enough memory to run it so everything takes an hour to load. Bah.

  3. This from my IT buddy at work:
    Vista is the devil Patrick. Crappy bug ridden beta software that will take a descent, fast, XP machine and turn it into a turtle. My friends here say it will be a year or more before [Name of Company]  implements it. Use at your own risk. It is pretty though J.

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