Why is it that I’m no longer satisfied with the coffee I make at home?

Why is it that I can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely?

How could it be that even when I’m industrious and get a lot done, in the end I still feel I haven’t accomplished anything?

Why is it that I always feel like the “other shoe” is about to drop?

Why do I ask a bunch of questions that I already know the answer to?

Well, except for the one about the coffee.  I buy good coffee.  Maybe I need a new coffee maker?


8 thoughts on “Why?

  1. As for the coffee maker – you probably just need to clean it – run some vinegar through it to clear out the yuck, then a few water runs. Maybe use bottled water or filtered water to make your coffee too.As for the other – you’re probably like me and need dialogue, even when you’re by yourself.

  2. “Why is it that I always feel like the “other shoe” is about to drop?”
    I abhor that feeling.  Thankfully, I don’t experience this very often in my current situation.  In years past, however, I was always sensing the shadow of a gigantic combat boot, hovering mere inches above my head, intent upon driving me six feet underground . . .

  3. I am thrilled that you ask questions…some people forget to.  Why? How? Who? What? When? and Where?  Questions keep us young and engaged to life. Don’t cha think????????
    I know that you really have your own answers but these are mine, just thought I would share…
    #1> Drinking coffee is either ritual, necessary or social. Some times I have to change it up a little…by adding a spice or new cream. Or I need the caffeine fix so I will have Green tea for a day or two. Or sometimes I love going to a café where they know me, or invite someone over to share a pot and conversation.
    #2> You are one that seems to “engage on a deeper level” than most…
    #3> Maybe you just are the Hamster wheel type…lol
    #4 > Perhaps it is a mantra of some sort…
    I just got a new Givalla coffee pot…I love it!!!!

  4. Have you tried cleaning it? I know we just did the vinegar thing with the brewer itself and the dishwasher thing with the carafe and basket, and I could taste the difference.
    As for the other questions, I ask them myself, so I’m probably not the best person to ask for answers

  5. “Why is it that I can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely?”
    That happens to me all the time. I don’t know why. When I went to a psychic she just told me that I was a lonely person. Not that that solves anything. Even Dion Warwick could give me that sort of answer.

  6. My husband lost his mind and spent a grand or so on a coffee maker from wholelattelove.com and it really works, so that is always something to think about, because actually for the first time we like coffee at home. The lonely thing, I’m lonely a lot even as I’m simultaneously wishing people around me would be quiet. RYC: I had a sub drop me very loudly, she made sure I KNEW it, because I blogged that Adam Morrison was a crybaby when he threw himself on the ground before the end of the last UCLA-Gonzaga game. She was offended I guess, but I still think he was showing extreme poor sportsmanship. Sheesh.

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