Six Weird Things

I was tagged by Say It All to do this.  I had planned to save it for tomorrow, but decided not to wait.  So here are six weird things about me…

  1. My commute to work is about four feet.
  2. I have 8 computers in a 2 bedroom apartment (actually NINE if you count my Pocket PC).
  3. The woman I am desperately in love with lives 800 miles away.
  4. For symbolic reasons I’m obsessed with the number 11.
  5. I fully believe that the universe itself is sentient.
  6. I am optimistic to the point of being a Pollyanna, which at times even annoys ME (how’s that for irony).

I hereby tag (unless someone already got to you): LadySavina, TRNunes, Twiddle38, MisterCreosote, DGLeadbetter, and PSiler.


11 thoughts on “Six Weird Things

  1. Love your list here.  Working from home with a gaggle of computers – sounds like my husbands dream.  And what’s this about the woman you love living so far away?  What’s the story behind that? 

  2. Don’t know about the list, as I’m also sick (second sinus infection in so many months, have felt like crap warmed over for more almost two weeks now (wince)). Hope you feel better!
    PS: Also have eight computers in the house, and it would be twelve if I counted all the Palms (including my original USR Pilot, which is around somewhere).

  3. My then future husband and I lived 2000 miles apart and we are married going on 14 years. Believe in love! Trust your heart! He also works at home. We have six computers up and running, plus two in our garage that we can’t part with. A second generation iMac in that teal green…I adore it.

  4. That’s much better, I thought maybe you worked for the “man”.  Thank you for the get wells wishes. I’m going back to bed now. Have a good day.

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