Artificial Sweeteners?

I’m going to try an experiment on myself, and I’m going to do it
publically to make sure I keep it going (using peer pressure as a
positive force).

I’ve decided to try cutting out artificial sweeteners for 90 days, just to see how much effect it has on my life.

You see, I’m a genuine sugar addict, and I’ve recently weened myself
off of most refined sugar (something I’ve been able to do in the past,
though each time it’s like trying to get off crack).  So, I’m off it
now, and have been for at least three weeks.  What’s helped a lot with
that is a sore tooth.  LOL.  Anyway, so, what I find now is I’m putting
unhealthy gobs of artificial sweeteners in my teas, coffees, cerials,
etc., and right now I feel, well…


And I suspect it’s because I’m overdosing on these darn chemicals.

So I have a cup of coffee sitting on my desk, and it’s got Splenda in
it, and that is the last bit of artificial sweetener I intend to ingest
for the next 90 days.  So that would make my end date … hmmm.  Look
at a calendar. 

April 25th.

So what do you think?  Am I crazy?  Am I on the right path?  Does it even matter?

The next thing I’ll try to quit is caffiene but that, I have to admit,
just terrifies me.  One thing at a time.  Artificial sweeteners first.


6 thoughts on “Artificial Sweeteners?

  1. Good luck.  I’m more worried about long term effects of the artificial sweetener than short term problems — not to say that they might both be issues.
    Caffeine can definitely wreak all sorts of havoc with your biochemistry.  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to wean myself off of either caffeine or artificial sweeteners . . .

  2. Back when I was in college, I used to drink coffee with copious amounts of sugar and creamer, mostly while working in the parts department at Sears, in Weberstown Mall. One day we’d be out of sugar, the next day we’d be out of creamer, and, in each case, I’d be deprived of the chemical I really wanted, CAFFIENE (which went so well with the nicotine I was also addicted to at the time). So, finally I said, screw this, I’m switching to black, and I did. And if I can do it (being the most additctive personality I know [or am aware of that might be cohabitating with me in this carbon-based ‘meat sack’]), then anyone can!

  3. Good luck with this.  I agree – crazy amounts of those artificial sweeteners have got to whack a body out.  When my hubby stopped drinking diet coke, he started feeling better all over.  And hey, if you’re religious, you can pretend you’re doing this for Lent and kill two birds with one stone!

  4. Good luck!  I’ve heard that in order to change a bad habit, you first need to change your belief about that particular habit, otherwise you will end up going back to that habit. 
    Don’t know if this is true, but I read that Splenda is made by chemically bonding the sugar cells to chlorine cells, which is why your body rejects it as a toxin instead of absorbing it like sugar.  

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