I had to come up with some sort of
silly name for this.  “No Artificial Sweeteners” =

I have noticed something.  I had a sweet craving this morning, which I
would usually subdue with AF infused coffee, but instead today I ate an
orange.  It quenched the craving, but a while afterwards I felt jittery
and wired, full of uncomfortable nervous energy.  Finally my sweetheart
suggested I go up to the gym and work out, which I did, and which helped
tremendously.  Still, I feel twitchy.  I don’t know if it’s because
of withdrawals or because I’m expecting something to happen.  Maybe a bit
of both?


None.  Poor novel, rocketing
off the launch pad so well in November, moved right along in December, and now
is feeling rather lonely and neglected as I work on other things.


I may, or may not, hear about
a job offer today.  In the meantime I have to go down to ye old factory
and do a friend a favor (drive a forklift with him in at the top, counting
inventory).  Whoot.


6 thoughts on “

  1. Ahh, good luck with your giving up of artificial sweeteners. I’ve tried giving up coffee in the past, but that failed miserably. So I settled for just giving up sugar in my coffee, and that’s been holding strong for several months now.And I liked your review of Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s one of my favorite movies to come out so far this year.

  2. quit caffeine?  no WAY.  And I must drink about 6 diet sodas a day…all that aspartame can’t be good for you.   Did you know that aspartame, when exposed to temps above 90ºF turns into something very like wood alcohol (formaldehyde)?  Yummmmy!

  3. Giving up artificial sweeteners, going to the gym… You GO, BoyOH! Just remember, when events and stress threaten to derail your best intentions, that you can better help others if you’re healthy yourself. And good luck with the job!

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