Cravings like mad. 
Am not convinced it has anything to do with kicking Artificial
Sweeteners as much as it does the fact that I am no longer getting anything sweet.  Or the fact that my subconscious knows my
conscious has conspired against it. 

How to make someone want something: tell them they
can’t have it.


None.  But with some luck I might get some written
right after I post this.


I did not hear back about that job.  Oh well.


7 thoughts on “

  1. I wish you well with Project NAF.  I know how hard it is.  I use a lot of subliminal tapes.  I listen to them when I am at wrok, at home…all the time.  They do work…I swear.
    I also with you well with the Novel and Job projects. 

  2. Cook something sweet and beautiful and give it away.  No licking the beaters or bowl.  The “cooking process” is calming, the smells delicatable, and the joy of giving, unmeasurable…

  3. I am waiting to see what affect eliminating the artificial sweeteners has on your life. I avoid sugar and substitute these sweeteners several times a day. But hey, don’t judge me!!! LOL However, I will wait to hear what you have to say and considerate reducing mine. Thanks for the nudge to at least be aware!

  4. Hang in there, perseverence pays off! It’s hard to kick bad habits. I’m a sweet tooth, too.
    RYC: Thank you for the support. I also told my girls that I am not on a “diet”, I am getting healthy. Of course, trim comes with that, happily! I have always told my girls about the plastic stars and models. I do not subscribe to any of those rediculous trash mags. And I am pleased to report, they seem to have a healthy self-image so far.

  5. Here’s hoping they call first AM Monday, so the waiting will finally be over.
    Re: the ‘yin/yang’, I was thinking we could go together. But then, you’d end up with a complete symbol, and I’d end up with one tiny purple dot!

  6. Bravo for making it to day 2.  I hear the first week is the hardest.  I did the Atkins diet for about 8 months a couple years ago, and know how hard it is to kick the sweets!  Also, what is your novel about?
    I love the idea for your tattoo – do you have a pic of the design?  When do you think you’ll get it done?  Everyone freaks out about the idea of needles, but I figure, it’s not some giant needle that is 2 inches long or anything!  You don’t even see the needle!  Yes, it’s painful, but I figure, if I could push out a baby, getting a tat should be easy cheesy.  Oh, and I plan on taking a dose of my friend’s leftover Vicadin from surgery before I go  : )

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