Some real progress! 
After my post last night I did indeed sit down and put in over thousand

What is it about?  Hmm. 
It’s about a man who finds a way to come back from beyond, on a search
for his own personal Holy Grail.  And that
Grail is full of beer.


I’ve had some headhunters contact me about various jobs
but, being that I’m still currently employed, I can pick and choose.  I’m holding out for one in particular, which
is still a very real possibility.  In a
perfect world my current employer would lay me off, giving me a nice severance,
and have me step into the new job a few days later.

It’s very possible this could happen and that’s what I’m
hoping for.


It’s a good thing I am doing this publically, because if
I hadn’t, I would have caved by now.  I
want a Diet Coke, and I miss the Splenda in my coffee!


5 thoughts on “

  1. I can just see you crashing through the door of an all night diner, and then careening into a table, grasping, clutching the little paper bags of Splenda, and ripping and thrusting them down your throat, a foaming residue of artificial sweetener and paper globbed on the sides of your mouth, as you go into an artificial sweetener induced euphoria…..and THEN you go to a job interview, jotting notes for your novel on your PDA.

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