Okay, so, the main effect going without artificial
sweeteners is having on me (so far) is that it’s breaking down my resolve to
avoid real sugar.  But I put a teaspoon
of sugar into my coffee this morning and it tasted weird, so I went back
to straight black.  Tonight I ate some
cookies.  Oh well.


No news on the job front. 
I worked my regular job today, and also spent a lot of time restoring my
main website,  It runs on a content management system called
Drupal that crashes if you
look at it wrong.  I am really regretting
choosing this software to run the website, but now I’m locked into it.  I should have used WordPress.  I use WordPress for various other blogs I run
and I have, over time, grown to totally love it.  But to convert it over would be a major pain,
and it would break all the links that people have to my articles all over the
web.  I
.  Links bring
traffic, and traffic brings people who might click on the text ads, and
clicking on the text ads brings me money.

No progress on the novel tonight.  Mainly thanks to having to fix Drupal.  On the bright side, I was able to fix it … there was a while there I thought all was

So, in summery, it was a typical Monday-like Monday.  Hope yours was better!

Update:  All my websites are currently down due to a problem with a network issue.  Bummer!  That’s what I get for having all my eggs in one basket.

Update Redux:  The websites are back up.  Go take a look at if you’re interested, and if you see anything interesting in the text ads, please feel free to click them. 


5 thoughts on “

  1. Monday’s SUCK!
    Re: the problem with your ‘basket of eggs’, look at the bright side… At least the problem’s just with a ‘virtual basket of eggs’, versus real ones!

  2. You know how Wednesdays are called “Hump Days”?  Mondays for me are “Dump Days”.  That’s because everyone dumps work, issues, stuff on you on Mondays because they expect you have the rest of the week to fix.  I in turn dump on others. 

  3. I have faith in you!
    You can do it! :sunny:
    Is the cheerleading helping? I totally understand how you feel, I had to start looking at food like it was cigarettes(which I quit 5 1/2 years ago).

  4. Life’s hard with out sugar or sugar substitute.  At least you can still get the kick from the caffiene.  I heart caffiene.  Also, cool site (and yes, I clicked on a couple links!).  What is for?  Just kind of a more techie blog?

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