When I ordered this book from Amazon…

…I didn’t realize it was going to be the Munchkin edition!

Besides this book, I received “What Color is your Parachute for Teens” and “Programming the Universe by Seth Lloyd,” all three courtesy of a gift certificate I received in thanks for beta testing a really annoying cell phone.

Speaking of cell phones, a whole bunch of junk posts may show up here because I’ve been playing with Xanga’s post-via-email feature, which doesn’t seem to be working for me.  Then again, I realized, they may all show up at once a few hours from now.  I’m doing this to see if I can make quick little blog posts from my cell phone.

That’s all we need, right?  “Hi, I’m posting this to Xanga while standing in line at Wal-Mart!”  “Hi, I’m posting this while I’m driving——-” 


“Hi, I’m posting this from my hospital bed…”


7 thoughts on “When I ordered this book from Amazon…

  1. pretty small book… is it even legible? LOL… Yeah, I’ve text messaged with someone and they wrote back that they were on their way home (driving) and then I replied and didn’t hear back and was actually afraid they HAD crashed.  HOURS later, I got a reply to my “HEY, ARE YOU OKAY??” messages … they were fine.  Had been smart and turned off their chat just before I had suggested they do just that before they got into wreck..  LOL

  2. Cell Phone Blogging…..When will the madness end????  Your comment about the book gave me a very funny visual.  What does a writer from Munchkinland look like?  Jer, what does your Munchkin Twin look like?  I picture your face with this curley-que mustache and beard.  Very funny.

  3. There are so many things that make our lives more “convenient” these days. I miss the days of inconvenience. I used to be able to leave my house without a cell phone, now I freak out if I forget it. And now it’s not just a cell phone, it’s a computer and a walkman and a pda…and people are constantly bothering me.

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