I love the way the trees look in this one.

4 thoughts on “

  1. If those were Chicago trees, they’d be shivering in the zub zero temperature (BRRRRRR!!!!). Good pic, though!

  2. Beautiful!  Kind of a classic image – do you actually live near this spot?  I’m seriously jealous.
    ryc: wow – teenagers – yikes.  Having a toddler around isn’t too much extra cash, but I’m dreading teenage years – I remember my brothers as teenagers – they would sweep through the kitchen like a storm and there was nothing left, they were constantly outgrowing thier clothes (though you have girls don’t you, so it’s not about outgrowing thier clothes so much as them being ‘so last year’s style’, I bet), and oh yeah, the little issue of all the extra accessories ‘necessary’, like cell phones, music machines, computers.  you know, little stuff like that (and I’m sure you know all too well!)  Ok, I’m officially hyperventilating at the thought of the teenage years ahead of us.  Though really, the terrible twos are kind of killing us right now, so could any developmental stage really be worse than this????

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