I’m still trying to figure out these silly stock photo agencies.  I’ve been selling photos to them for years, and guessing what they’d like and what they can’t use seems to require a genuine gypsy armed with crystal ball.  Out of a batch of 40 photos I submitted, including nice shots that I personally would love in a set of clip art, they chose the four most boring and mundane photos and rejected the rest.  They accepted a picture of ants, of tangled wires, of snow on a log, and of animal tracks. 

I’m still half convinced that they buy things like this at random because they are, actually, fronts for huge stockpiles of pornography.  Everything else is just a smoke screen.

In other news, today I started my own media company.

No, I’m not rich.


And in still other news I broke down and started consuming artificial sugars again.

So how was your Monday?


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  1. Nice attempt to hide your confession :PMy Monday was a good one — I would have hated to have been a Bears fan today. Especially a Bears fan in Chicago doubly oppressed by the sub-zero wind-chill . . .

  2. Welp…I’m glad you made it as long as you did without the artificial sweeteners!  Anything is better than not having done it at all, right?
    My Monday sucked, basically.  I got my wisdom teeth taken out and now I’m all swollen on my right side.  Not my left side [even though I had all 4 taken out], just my right bottom side.  It’s stupid and I look funny.  It’s bothering me and I’m crabby about the ordeal.  And even crabbier yet because I really want a grilled cheese sandwich, and the Tylenol with Codeine is giving me heartburn.
    Damn mornings, lol.  Anyway, I’m glad that the company at least chose some of your photography.  It’s better than none, right????  Good luck with that and everything else!  [Sorry, this probably isn’t making much sense right now.  I took some more Codeine awhile ago…I blame the Codeine!]
    Anyway, have a wonderful day!

  3. Well, on the other side of the coin, if photography is anything like writing, selling any photos means YOU’RE PUBLISHED! WooHOO!!
    PS: I personally wouldn’t sweat the artificial sweetener thing… Unless you start shooting or snorting stuff that LOOKS like artificial sweetener

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