OMG!  Where did Tuesday go?  It just … disappeared.  It’s like I skipped right from Monday to Wednesday.

(Queue Twilight Zone Music)

Been busy, my wonderful Xangaroo friends!  Busy in a good way!  My only goal I set for myself during new years was this:

“Make big, positive direction change in career.”

So that’s what I’m working on.  It’s occurred to me that concentrating on fiction writing with the eventual goal of living off of it is not realistic in this new publishing environment.  So fiction — while I will still write it, because I love it — is taking a back seat to other writing.

Other writing, if you want to make good money at it (without being a big name writer) (which I’m not) you either have to compete with the zillion other writers out there for the pennies that publishers are willing to toss out, or you have to become a publisher yourself.  No, I’m not talking about self-publishing my own books.  I’m talking about starting a myriad of online sites that all have advertising revenue, and work my tail off to create content (and also encourage users to create their own content).  The real money right now in online writing is via Google Adsense.

More later … got to run to the post office!


8 thoughts on “

  1. Can I use your “blind optimism” picture for a project in my highschool-freshman writing class? It’s supposed to be a short story based on a picture that inspired me, somehow. It’ll be embarrassing, but I could send it to you when I’m done, if you’d like, if you’d let me use it.

  2. Not nearly. The Brits are much more health conscious than we are. Greener too. We could learn a couple of things from ’em.Hope your writing is going well. Cheers.[mccracken]

  3. Google Adsense is better than Google Nonsense, which is what happens to me when I randomly search for things.  As always good luck on your misson.!

  4. Hmmmmm… Sounds like the man’s getting ready to hang out his own shingle, and raise the finger to THE MAN! If so, I wish you the absolute best of luck (well, I wish you that anyway).

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