My meeting yesterday went far better than I expected.  His English had improved, and we met using NetMeeting and he was able to show slides in English of what he was talking about (I still think its cool that someone in Germany can show me slides).  Turns out I got a glowing review and a small raise.  The downside is that I still have to keep looking for other opportunities inside (and, quite frankly, OUTSIDE) the company.

Meanwhile I’m still campaigning for that other job with the Up And Down corporation.  Everyone there wants me except for the guy who is doing the hiring.  Hopefully the letter I wrote him will sway him away from the dark side.  I used every ounce of Jedi mind trick I could muster, and it was further augmented by skilled editing by my lady love.

*Fingers Crossed*

This weekend I’ll be doing a lot of work on my new media empire, and when everything is propped up and I’ve got the construction dust swept away, I’ll give my wonderful Xangaroo friends a sneak peak. 

Thank you again, my lovely Lady Savina, for all your help and inspiration.  OLI ARAIG.


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  1. He’ll come around. He’d have to be a fool not to appreciate someone as intelligent, skilled, experienced, and just generally extremely valuable, like you are (and have been, the entire time I’ve known you!).
    But, just to be on the safe side, I’m also crossing all my, er, ‘appendagis’ for you (Gee, now how do I cross that ??)

  2. Keeping everything crossed for you, which makes it hard to walk and eat…but it’s a sacrifice I am gladly willing to make.  You think Net Meeting is cool, check out WebEx.  I would be glad to demo it for you.

  3. Congrats on the good review, and good luck on the other job.  And as per your other post, too bad about fiction going on the back-burner, but I agree it sucks about the publishing scene today.  If I do ever finish my novel, I’ll just be happy if it can get published and actually have some kind of audience.  I’m in a lucky spot where my hubby is the bread-winner (I can’t work anyway since I’m too sick, but I can lay in bed and write on my laptop!), so if I ever do publish my book, even self-publish if getting an agent doesn’t pan out, I’ll probably be almost giving it away, just to hopefully get some word of mouth!

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