Me grain? You grain? Migraine!

I had a scare this morning, because seriously big blind spots appeared in my vision and I didn’t know what was going on.  It was in both eyes, too, right about the same place.  This told me it was something going on in my brain and not in my eyes.

Immediately I popped an aspirin, on the off-chance it had something to do with a blood clot.

A half hour into it I started remembering that about 10 years ago I went through this same thing.  It’s when I first started getting migraine headaches.  And sure enough, that’s what I got.

So all those thoughts I was having about … wow, what if I go blind?  Well, they’re all moot.  Because I’m more or less back to normal now.


7 thoughts on “Me grain? You grain? Migraine!

  1. Scary. I’ve only experienced temporary blindness twice – once, just before almost fainting, and another after happening to glance a particularly bright light. Both times, I was so freaked out, so I understand your relief.
    Thank you for your comment today. You didn’t have to take the time to write such a long response, and you did. I appreciate it.

  2. oh yes, my migraines start with watery looking vision spots in my left eye which then turns into a blind spot where I try to focus.  I go somewhere quiet and try to calm down, and hope that the Imitrex will work.

  3. My husband has twice had what they call an “eye-grain”, which is where blind spots happen in usually one eye, but can be both. The blind spots happened in one eye for him, and he got in to see an ophthalmologist (sp?) the same day. He thought he was going blind too. Difference with the “eye-grain” and a migraine is that there really isn’t a headache involved, and the blind spot(s) just slowly fade out of vision range.Hope you’re feeling better!

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