ConDFW – Day 3

What I like most about ConDFW is … well, that it’s so close to where I live.
But besides that, it’s a literary con. It’s for us writers.

I spent the whole weekend hanging out with my good friend Bill, (our own Twiddle38), who’s a
Campbell-nominated SF author as well as the president of the Dallas chapter of
the National Space Society. Day 2 found me
hob-knobbing with NASA guys, space enthusiasts, and preparing for the NSS room
party, while outside a huge dust storm made the Dallas sky look like doomsday.
This segues right in with the fact that I spent some fun quality time with the Four Redheads of the Apocalypse.
Yeah. Not only did they do interpretive dance to my reading Friday night, but
Saturday they all four signed a copy of their book for me.

Yard Dog Press Sci-Fi really does
kick ass. If Selina Rosen had her way, SF&F authors would all be more like
rock stars. How can I argue with that?

After the panels and dinner, we proceeded to party far into the night … er,
morning … and I ended up staying in the party room. Bill and I got up Sunday
morning, hit Starbucks, and then jumped right back into it with another NASA

Then lunch, then the final panel of the day. This one interestingly enough
was titled “The State of the Industry” which, instead of being about
NASA (this was a SF&F con, after all) was about the publishing industry. In
a gesture of unintentional but deadly accurate symbolism, only one of the
panelists, Teresa Patterson, bothered to show up, and so she grabbed Robert
Aspin to step in and help her. She and Robert then proceeded to paint pretty
much the same picture I did a few posts back: print publication is choking to
death, and while it’s never really going to die, the sad fact is there is far
less money in it.

So I stand firm on my resolution. The future of writing is online,
and the money is in contextual advertising. You do your best, write your best,
edit your best, and you GIVE IT AWAY. Hopefully this draws in readers who will
click ads. Your pay comes from the ad clicks.


5 thoughts on “ConDFW – Day 3

  1. I’m all for writer’s being treated like rock stars! When do women start throwing their panties at us and when do we get to start trashing hotel rooms?
    Giving it away!  You little tramp!

  2. That’s a pretty bleak picture. For what it’s worth, I think it’s incredibly cool that you’re a writer. How can I find out more about what you’ve written – you’ve written a novel, right?

  3. Your website has made a tremendous impact on my life…all for the better.  Much success to you and yours.  I’m a new found fan of the Groove.  Take care and keep writing!

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