Groovy Gizmos…

I am happy to announce another of my spin-off sites has gone live:

It’s just getting off the ground, but already we’ve got:

  • Coke bottles set to “stun”
  • Introduction of the “Wammer”
  • Cold beer flying at your head
  • And a guy who zooms through the sky like a genuine super-hero

I’ve also put in some work on as well as … though the MightyGood one still has far to go.

Actually, they all have far to go.  But at least they’re all live.   And that, my Xanga friends, is what’s been keeping me busy these last few weeks.


9 thoughts on “Groovy Gizmos…

  1. Didn’t I comment on this already? Oh, that’s right… So many blogs, so little time.
    Mmmmmmmmmm, gizmohhhhhhhhhs

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