Yes, The Ice Cream Worked

I caught her and her sister dancing last night, and being that she still had a 101° temperature I told her to stop.

Gave her more flu meds and sent her to bed.

Finished the kissing article and posted it on … my girlfriend read it and approved.    Though she said I do have to do more research on it, and probably write a follow-up article later.

We were also talking about something that I thought would make a great post on Xanga, but I didn’t write the idea down … so it is lost. 

Hope everyone is having a happy weekend!


7 thoughts on “Yes, The Ice Cream Worked

  1. Yikes – what is it about these last few weeks – it seems like EVERYBODY is sick, including all three members of my little fam!
    ryc: that’s awesome you’re daughter is into the more radical hair colors!!  I’m glad I discovered this obsession after I was out of school (and even college, because they had a dress code at my college that included hair color).  At least she can have fun with it over the soon appropaching summer!

  2. ryc: Yeah, I’ve had a massive sugar addiction problem my whole life. I was never to into chips or anything, it was always chocolate and soda and cakes. My roommate is overweight and she never eats sweets, I just couldn’t understand it. Then I realized that sugar isn’t everyones problem–but cutting it out completely is a sure way for me to shed some poundage.
    Glad the girly is feeling better!

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